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3 Reasons Why having an Excellent DJ Service is Essential for your Event!

1. Almost 100% of Eventective & Wedding Wire Users say they would have spend more of their budget on entertainment

Clients who are booking parties usually aren't the most experienced when it comes to planning their event. While prioritizing their budget for things such as catering, venue rental, props, flowers, ect, a lot of times they forgot the one thing that will keep all of their guests engaged and on their feet.

2. Within one week after their event 78% of Eventective & Wedding Wire Users say they would have made the entertainment the top priority.

- Not only does the DJ keep everyone on the dance floor and engaged but they also take on the role of being the MC. The MC makes sure the event runs smoothly by making all the announcements, introducing any guest speakers, and follows an organized schedule. 3. When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about the event is the entertainment. - "At any event you go to you can have a beautiful venue, gorgeous decor, excellent food, but after dinner there is one thing that is going to keep your guests engaged for the rest of the night, the entertainment. We have seen time and time again that our guests that decide to not book a DJ were very disappointed when the majority of their guests decided to leave after dinner. Thats why we always encourage all of our clients to book some form of entertainment at every event we host" (Vicky, 520 on the Water Venue)

Need a quality DJ service that will bring your vision to life? We got you covered! 🎉

Meet the Founder of Party Springs, Curtis (DJ Curt)

Curtis is one of the leading entertainers here in Orlando Florida. Originally from Cranston, Rhode Island, his passion for the Entertainment Industry began at a very young age. By understanding the value of creating an interactive experience, he has led party springs to becoming one of the industry leaders for quality dj service.

Here at Party Springs Entertainment of Orlando we offer more than just music; we create a unique experience that brings your party to life! Enjoy a customized playlist, immersive sound and light effects, games, photo booth and a professional deejay sound system for an interactive experience that will amp up your crowd and keep the momentum rocking on your dance floor.

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